define decant

  • Wines: Decanting Makes a Difference

    Decanting Makes a Difference : Proper transference makes wine taste better. So pour it out! By Joseph Nase : What is decanting? Simply put, it means transferring (decanting) the contents of a wine ...

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  • Decant policy - Octavia Housing

    Discretionary compensation (decant) If you are a tenant, and we decant you less than a year into your tenancy, you will receive discretionary compensation. The compensation is based on how long you have been at the property: for example, if you have lived at the property for half a year, you will receive a payment equal to half the home loss ...

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  • Decant definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Decant definition: If you decant a liquid into another container, you put it into another container. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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  • Cant | Definition of Cant by Merriam-Webster

    Cant definition is - the expression or repetition of conventional or trite opinions or sentiments; especially : the insincere use of pious words. How to use cant in a sentence.

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  • Decant | Definition of Decant at

    Decant definition, to pour (wine or other liquid) gently so as not to disturb the sediment. See more.

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  • Decant legal definition - Quimbee

    Decant Definition. A trustee’s act, which may be governed by statute or common law, of pouring (i.e., transferring) assets from one (invaded) trust into another (appointed) trust for the purpose of remedying problems in the invaded trust caused by changed circumstances.

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  • Decantation | definition of decantation by Medical dictionary

    decantation: [ de-kan-ta´shun ] the pouring of a clear supernatant liquid from a sediment.

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  • Decant | Definition of Decant by Oxford Dictionary on ...

    Meaning of decant in English: decant. Translate decant into Spanish. verb [with object] 1 Gradually pour (wine, port, or another liquid) from one container into another, typically in order to separate out sediment. ‘he decanted the rich red liquid into some glasses’ ...

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  • Decantation | Mixtures | Definition, Examples & Applications

    Decantation Definition. Decantation is the process of separation of liquid from solid and other immiscible (non-mixing) liquids, by removing the liquid layer at the top from the layer of solid or liquid below. The process can be carried out by tilting the mixture after pouring out the top layer. This process can also be used to separate two ...

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  • Shop niche perfume samples at DECANTShop. Browse our ...

    Shop niche perfume samples at DECANTShop. Browse our collection of niche, indie, vintage, discontinued, hard-to-find and mainstream fragrances to find your new favorite scent

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  • DECANT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    decant definition: 1. to pour a liquid from one container into another 2. to pour a liquid from one container into…. Learn more.

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  • Decantation - Wikipedia

    Decantation is a process to separate mixtures by removing a liquid layer that is free of a precipitate, or the solids deposited from a solution. The purpose may be to obtain a decant (liquid free from particulates) or to recover the precipitate.

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  • Why And When Do We Decant Wine | Wine 101

    Decant simply means to pour a wine from one vessel, its bottle, into another. While there are a lot of fancy decanters out there on the market, all you need is another empty container.

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  • Decanting - definition of decanting by The Free Dictionary

    Define decanting. decanting synonyms, decanting pronunciation, decanting translation, English dictionary definition of decanting. tr.v. de·cant·ed , de·cant·ing , de·cants …

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  • Decantation Definition in Chemistry - ThoughtCo

    11/25/2019· Oil and water: Oil floats on top of water. Decanting the mixture allows the oil to be poured off the water. Gasoline or kerosene and water: This mixture is an example often cited as a safety hazard.Decanting a mixture containing flammable solvents can be dangerous, as the flammable material evaporates and forms dangerous fumes.

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